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The evening skincare routine for smooth skin and sweet dreams

There’s a special kind of glow on skin that’s had a proper good night’s rest. In fact, research shows that there’s more to the term ‘beauty sleep’ than you might think. Well-rested skin really can lead to healthier skin, so we’ve combined the best of both wellbeing practices; a calming bedtime routine and a solid skincare regime to create one dreamy habit that you’ll want to repeat night after night. Follow these steps for silky soft skin and a soothing sleep, then thank us later.


1. Set a tranquil mood for your routine by lighting The Ritual of Jing scented candle


2. Create a blissful bath experience with The Ritual of Jing Magnesium Bath Crystals.


3. Nourish your skin and relax your mind by massaging your body with The Ritual of Jing dry oil.


4. Remove impurities and the stress of your busy day with The Ritual of Namaste micellar water.


5. Massage the gel-to-oil cleansing balm into your skin, and feel it transform from a gel into a soothing oil.


The evening skincare routine for smooth skin and sweet dreams

6. To be sure your skin is truly rid of pollutants and other environmental stresses, use the velvety smooth cleansing foam for a double cleanse.


7. Treat the skin under your eyes to some much-needed moisture with a cooling eye lotion.


8. Add a drop of facial oil to your night cream and indulge yourself with a pressure point massage.


9. Gently massage The Ritual of Jing Sleep serum into your temples, forehead and neck to set your mind to sleep.


10. Just before you go to bed, add a few spritzes of The Ritual of Jing Pillow & body mist onto your pillow to surround yourself with the sleep enhancing scent of lavender and sandalwood.

Jessy Deans

Jessy Deans

Jessy Deans is a copywriter with a strong appetite for thought-provoking stories, travel and anything covered in white chocolate. With a background working in the fast-paced television industry, she has learnt the importance of self-care and downtime and believes there’s no such thing as too many candles. She is passionate and committed to her lifelong search for the perfect meal and subscribes to the doctrine that ‘if you can’t love yourself, how are you going to love somebody else’ (Ru Paul).