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Discover the purifying power of eucalyptus

The authentic Hammam ceremony has been embraced worldwide, providing a vigorous exfoliation and detoxification to all who enter. It is common for first-timers to remark that it’s the cleanest their skin has ever been, leaving them feeling completely rejuvenated. What’s the secret behind such a purifying experience? Natural ingredients like eucalyptus.


Long before antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals, people were using this flowering plant to treat all kinds of medical conditions. Indigenous to Australia, New Zealand and parts of Southeast Asia, eucalyptus was a popular export to the rest of the world once its healing capabilities became known. Whether it’s in essential oil, tea or even original leaf form, this miracle of Mother Nature is good for diseases affecting both body and mind.


A star for the skin

Because eucalyptus has anti-bacterial properties, it’s a good natural solution to skin problems. Rubbing the leaves against infected skin helps, as does drinking eucalyptus tea. The most effective way to reap the benefits, however, is by applying the essential oil derived from the plant directly onto irritated or infected skin. One caution: in its undiluted form the oil is toxic, so you must never consume it.


Room to breathe

For generations, populations have turned to eucalyptus to help with various lung ailments. It acts as an expectorant, which means it’s a natural alternative to cough medicine. To this day, it’s recommended to people looking for an herbal solution to problems ranging from bronchitis to asthma to the common cold.


Putting the “tea” in immunity

Eucalyptus isn’t just a healing agent, it can also help prevent certain types of infections like candida albicans, more commonly known as a yeast infection. It’s an immunity booster, so people suffering from long-term illness are often encouraged to drink eucalyptus tea to raise their resistance.


The smell of stress relief

Proponents of aromatherapy swear by the stress-relieving effects caused by inhaling the smell of eucalyptus. It’s said to have the ability to clear the mind from conflict and put you into a more restful state. The minty fragrance is refreshing and can even inspire better mental focus.


Given how amazingly versatile it is, it’s not surprising that Rituals prominently features eucalyptus in The Ritual of Hammam collection. Along with other natural and useful elements such as rosemary and ginger, this translation of an ancient wellness ceremony to modern times uses this multi-faceted and powerful ingredient to purify body and soul.