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Try this playful yoga workout to feel happier in an instant

It sometimes happens that when you try something new, the wonderful feeling of being as carefree as a child washes over you. Children are typically honest, innocent and sources of steady outpourings of love. They are naturally curious and ask questions, they're mystified by objects and experiences that we, as adults, have long since taken for granted. I created this practice to focus on cultivating joy and curiosity by tapping into your inner child. Let’s feel invigorated together by letting a childlike mentality take over.


During this playful flow, I’ll show you a few options so you can improvise a little with my guidance. I’ll encourage you to explore freedom of movement and to play around with some arm balances that are accessible for all levels (from baby crow to the more challenging crow pose). The feeling of wonder that comes with peeling back the layers of thought and assessment is lost all too often in adulthood. With that in mind, set an intention for this practice, play before you give it a second thought, and let the thrill of life take over. We will end this playful flow with a short meditation where we will bring a smile to our faces and feel this sense of joy filling our hearts.


Renée Leeuw

Renée Leeuw

During her career as Editor-in-Chief of an online interior design magazine, Renée Leeuw found her physical and mental peace in yoga. In Australia her passion for yoga and meditation intensified, after which she successfully completed her first teacher training at Santosha Yoga Institute in Bali. After several further courses, she now teaches Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra and meditation. Another thing she gets her energy from? Nature and especially the ocean, preferably on a surfboard. Curious about her lessons? In Amsterdam, she often rolls out her yoga mat at Equal Yoga, Het Gymlokaal, Yagoy and she teaches through her own platform YAY!YOGA. Also, listen here to The YAY! YOGA podcast.