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Transform your bathroom into an at-home spa with these simple steps

Spas are the ultimate symbol of relaxation. It’s not just the deep tissue massage or the facial that makes us feel calm either, it’s the entire experience. From the scent sensations to the calming colours, just setting foot inside a spa can feel like a release. Part of this might simply be knowing that for the hours you spend inside, are just for you. In a similar way, your bathroom is your own private sanctuary. The time in your day that you truly get to yourself. Use this opportunity to its fullest and create the most serene pampering experience possible by turning your bathroom into your own mini retreat.


Incorporate calming colours

Trying to relax in a hot pink bathroom with a patterned shower curtain is a tricky task. Incorporating calming colours in your bathroom is a great place to start. According to a recent study, navy blue was found to be the most tranquil hue of all. ‘Calming shades such as soft blues and lilacs are right on trend for 2022’ advises interior designer Juliette Thomas, ‘and those gentle tones also help to manage stress. Soothing on the eye, blues and lilacs help to relax the mind, slow down your heart rate and reduce anxiety.’ Adding colour doesn’t have to mean painting a wall either. Include small hints of colour by hanging a plush towel, choosing a bath mat in a soothing tone or in small gestures like a soap dispenser or planter.


Infuse the room with soothing scents

If you were blindfolded and led into a spa, you’d know exactly where you were, simply from the aroma.  From the candles in the waiting room to the aromatic oils used in the treatment rooms, scent plays a huge part in the tranquil surroundings. Whereas you might opt for a citrusy scent in the kitchen or something musky in the living area, there’s a reason spas have a signature fragrance, and that’s to induce a state of calm. ‘One of the most popular scents for creating a relaxing environment is lavender,’ says interior design expert Kane Hughes. Research has found lavender to have a calming effect and is even used medically to treat anxiety, making it a great choice for the times when you want to unwind. Both candles and reed diffusers are a great way to infuse a space with fragrance but to truly create a scent sensation, invest in an electric oil diffuser. If you’ve ever had an aromatherapy massage, smelling the essential oils is as much a part of the experience as applying them to your body. Using them in combination with the steam in your bathroom can be a great way to feel their benefits.


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Add your spa-like surroundings

Whereas a cluttered bathroom can be stressful, an empty one can feel too clinical. Bathroom time is all about lathering yourself in pampering products but make sure these are neatly stored away to start with. If you can only have two things in the room, it needs to be plants and candles. Houseplants have been a key trend in the past couple of years and Kane suggests this is not going to end for 2022. ‘Indoor plants can be used to add a splash of colour, create a relaxing space and clear the air of any toxins. Plants such as chamomile, peppermint and aloe vera can actually help to reduce stress too.’ Candles are a must-have for pamper sessions. ‘The rule of thumb for candles is around five for a small space and up to ten candles for a larger bathroom,’ advises Kane. Dot them around the room if you can, to fill the entire space with the calming flicker.


Create the ultimate pampering at-home facial

Now that you’ve created your soothing spa-like surroundings, it’s time to pop some peaceful music on and begin your at-home facial treatment.


  1. Light a scented candle to illuminate and meditate.
  2. Double cleanse: first apply the Purify Velvety Smooth Cleansing Foam, and follow it up with the Purify Radiant Glow Cleansing Balm.
  3. Pamper yourself with the Purify AHA Glow Mask, a facial designed to stimulate cell growth and boost your skin’s radiance.
  4. Spritz some Hydrate Urban Hydrating Mist for a layer of protection against city stress.
  5. Supply your skin with an intense moisture shot using the Ageless Ampoule Booster, and give yourself a facial tapping massage.
  6. Complete your weekend skincare regime with the Glow Radiance Anti-Aging Day Cream.
Jessy Deans

Jessy Deans

Jessy Deans is a copywriter with a strong appetite for thought-provoking stories, travel and anything covered in white chocolate. With a background working in the fast-paced television industry, she has learnt the importance of self-care and downtime and believes there’s no such thing as too many candles. She is passionate and committed to her lifelong search for the perfect meal and subscribes to the doctrine that ‘if you can’t love yourself, how are you going to love somebody else’ (Ru Paul).