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Indulgent routines for the New Year

You’ve survived the holiday whirlwind and are primed to take on 2020. Read on to find out how to get the new year off to a luxurious start. 


1. Give your home a luxurious lift

The state of our homes is one of the greatest mirrors for what’s going on with our selves. Give your house some new year’s life by bringing in fresh-cut greenery or flowers, or by buying a statement plant. Consider rearranging your furniture to create a whole new flow in your space, or find ways to give an overlooked piece a new outlook with a fresh set of knobs. Invest in some candles, or layer in cosy textures to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. By taking some time every week to reassess your space, you’ll build an environment that’s perfectly suited to you.


2. Take time for yourself

In today’s busy world, time is truly the greatest luxury – but we rarely dedicate our free time to ourselves. This year, start a tradition of self-indulgence by blocking out regular time in your calendar for you and you alone. What should you do with it? That’s up to you – but it can be as simple as taking five minutes for a walk around the block, or as out-there as a spontaneous solo trip somewhere new.


3. Schedule a spa date – at home

There’s nothing more indulgent than an evening of pure and utter relaxation, and it doesn’t require a costly trip to a spa. Channel those calming vibes from the comfort of your very own bathroom by lighting softly scented candles, and unplugging from technology. If you’re lucky enough to have a tub, treat yourself to a long soak. Otherwise, you can bring a purifying atmosphere to your shower with products scented with eucalyptus and rosemary. Towel off and enjoy a soothing self-massage. You’ll feel refreshed and revitalised.


4. Tap into your right brain

Being creative helps us learn, build connections and try out new ideas, so try to get in touch with your artistic side. It’s as simple as devoting just five minutes a day to stepping away from your devices and doodling or painting. This creates a space to play and celebrate your own unique point of view. If you don’t think of yourself as a particularly right-brained person, an easy way to tiptoe into creativity is by journaling or listening to music.


5. A little help from your friends

You know that friend you were supposed to have a phone date with three months ago? Or that other friend you keep promising you’re going to have a proper chat with? The time for that catch-up is now. Studies have shown that supportive friendships are essential for overall health and happiness. Plus, they enrich our lives with new connections. Nurture yours by making time to grab coffee, or even reach out to a whole group to plan a get-together. 


6. Play tourist in your own town

For a quick travel fix without the hassle of booking flights and accommodations, treat yourself to an afternoon of exploring your hometown. Take this time to check out that museum you’ve always meant to visit, or pose for photos at one of your city’s hidden hotspots. You’ll feel like you’ve gotten a break from your everyday routine, and get a fresh perspective on your go-tos. Don’t have a day to invest? Try something as simple as taking a different route to work.


7. Stop and smell the flowers

Fun fact: floral scents have been proven to lift your mood and even make you friendlier. Embrace this unexpected perk by filling your home with fresh-cut blooms, accentuated with luxurious scents from our Private Collection of home fragrances.