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These wellness podcasts will change your life

Have you ever listened to a podcast? Probably. A few years ago, nobody had heard of them, but today, these audio texts are an Internet staple. Which makes sense, because you can listen to a podcast while doing other things—like cooking, riding your bike or working out, for example. Especially for you, we’ve created a list of the best podcasts around.

Living with intent

The blog mindbodygreen is already a great resource for anybody looking to lead a more mindful life, and their podcast is a great addition to it. By talking to various professionals about wellness and care, these podcasts give you an interesting take on the world of wellness.

Everything about health

Healers might not be a name you’d naturally associate with a podcast, but on the other hand, it does cover the subject matter well. This is a very broad podcast, featuring presenter Elizabeth Dehn speaking to various guests about a host of diverse topics related to physical and mental health.

200k followers and counting

The most well-known podcast on this list is probably The Balanced Blonde. She has over 200,000 followers on her various channels and broadcasts a new podcast each week. Good content, obviously, especially if you’d like to learn more about the lives of successful young entrepreneurs and how they manage to balance everything.  

A difficult terrain

The creators of Nourish + Flourish describe their blog in a catchy way. They promise that their podcast “is about finding what nourishes you—mind, body and soul—so you can flourish.” What more could we possibly add to that?



The one with all the stars

Off Camera is a bit of an odd duck on the list, because the podcasts from director and photographer Sam Jones have also been filmed. Jones started Off Camera purely for himself, but in the meantime international stars like Neil Patrick Harris, Elijah Wood and Jim Jefferies have shared how they’ve followed their passions and dreams in his podcasts.


American Football pro turned podcast host

Some people are so talented that they almost make you jealous. Lewis Howes is a perfect example: former professional American football player, current semi-professional handball player, best-selling writer and last but not least: creator of the fantastic podcast The School of Greatness. Filled with inspiring stories from famous people, the podcast was started “to help you find out what makes great people great.”



Practical fun

Finally, a podcast about something that we all find important: a healthy, happy and mindful life. The best thing about The Living Experiment are the ‘real-life’ experiments that provide a practical perspective—you can apply the tips directly to your daily life!