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Celebrate every moment of summer by living soulfully

Summer is here. And considering the way the year 2020 started off, this truly is the best time to make the most of every warm day we’re blessed with. While most of us are probably not thinking about an exotic, faraway trip, there is one way to ensure you’ll have the best and most memorable time yet – even if it’s in your own backyard. Soulful living: the art of finding happiness in the smallest of things. 


Famous author Kurt Vonnegut said it best. “Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” Thanks to the undeniable presence of smartphones and social media, we share our experiences and special moments with the world via pictures shared on Instagram and Facebook. Because it’s so easy to manipulate these images, each and every one can be adjusted over and over again until it’s perfect. Add a filter, and it makes them even more special: the world at its most beautiful. However, this sun-kissed time of year offers so many more happy moments – real ones that are possible every single day – allowing you to enjoy a long, wonderful summer. 


Capture the real moment

True happiness isn’t always found in the so-called perfect picture. In fact, most happy people share one thing in common: they embrace the art of soulful living. Living soulfully means slowing down and living in the here and now. It’s about taking the time to concentrate on what matters most to you, on what makes you happy, to savour the real moments in life.


By taking the time and effort to be happy about the positive things in your life, you’re sure to experience more well-being and joy. The rays of sunshine that illuminate your face during the golden hour. Playing a board game with the family on a rainy day. Falling in love with your partner’s crow’s feet or exploring the treasures of nature in your immediate area. Snapshots of these moments can be even more special than that ideal panoramic view from a mountaintop halfway across the world.


Embrace it all

With our options for discovering new cities, or even the wild unknown, drastically limited this summer, perhaps it’s time to concentrate on yourself. We previously talked about setting New Year’s intentions rather than resolutions, so why not devise some of your own summertime intentions? It’s the perfect time to find your inner peace and balance, and to refocus on what matters to you. What is it you want to get out of the coming summer months? They don’t need to be drastically big changes, it can be rewarding enough to just check in and see what it is your soul needs. Pencil in some quality time for yourself, commit to it and visualise where you’d like to be in a few months, or even years. And no, we’re not talking about white sandy beaches shaded by crooked palm trees, we’re talking about maintaining your sense of soulfulness this summer. By consciously enjoying daily pleasures and truly absorbing how they make you feel, you won’t just have a wonderful summer: you’ll also be a happier person.