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The incredible benefits of candle meditation, and how to do it

Candle meditation, also known as candle gazing, is a wonderfully peaceful and soulful way to meditate. For anyone that struggles with meditation and doesn’t want to be plugged into an app, this is a lo-fi but incredibly effective way to relax. Candle meditation, much like other forms, has some incredible benefits. Often with meditation you’re expected to focus and silently repeat a mantra or conjure up a vision in your mind, but with candle meditation you simply rest your gaze on the gentle flicker of the flame. Simple.


Historically, candles have been used to pay respect, as a beacon to signal the way home, and to help create a homely environment. The act of lighting a candle at the start of a meditation session, that can help to ground you in the moment. Symbolically, the flame represents enlightenment, and that is especially fitting when thinking about candle meditation.


Below we dive a little deeper into the benefits of this peaceful practice and share some handy candle meditation tips to know, as well as a candle meditation video to help you get started.


Candle Meditation: The Benefits

Candle meditation shares many of the same benefits as other forms of mindful practice. Taking time out of your day to calm those constantly whirring thoughts and focus on a candle’s peaceful flame has so many positive benefits for body, mind and soul.


Candle gazing has been found to help boost our ability to concentrate, whilst simultaneously reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Over time, meditation can help us in our daily lives to be more resilient, more patient, and more focused. It can even help to aid restful sleep.


The incredible benefits of candle meditation, and how to do it

Candle Meditation: The Tips

Candle meditation is best performed when it is dark or in a room with the curtains closed and all artificial like turned off. Ideally you want a gentle flicker, so place the candle in a spot with little or no breeze. Light your candle and place it about a meter in front of you at eye level.


Scent has a powerful ability to affect the practice depending on the aromas you choose. For example, The Ritual of Jing’s floral notes will soothe and calm, whereas The Ritual of Ayurveda’s rose scent will help to boost your mood and restore harmonious feelings.


Try not to meditate too soon after consuming food or caffeinated drinks. Before you start, make sure you are sitting comfortably with a straight spine and you are warm enough. Unless it’s the height of summer, it’s a good idea to have a blanket close at hand, just in case.


You should then gently rest your gaze on the candle. You might notice you blink a little more or your eyes water, this is normal and they will adjust. The aim of candle meditation is to focus your attention on the gentle flicker of the flame and ensure that you are breathing slow and deep down into your belly.


Take your time but don’t put pressure on yourself, start with five minutes and gradually build-up to 20 minutes.


Candle Meditation: Try It For Yourself

Want to try candle gazing? Watch and follow our guided candle meditation below.


Amy Lawrenson

Amy Lawrenson

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