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Discover these little-known hair routines from around the world

Have you ever treated your hair to an Indonesian cream bath? Or have you ever tried a diet of salmon to make your hair grow faster and enhance its radiance? We took a trip around the world and searched for little-known hair routines that will give you glossy, long, lustrous, and unequivocally healthy-looking hair. We spent time delving into global hair care secrets, and not surprisingly, we learned a lot. Curious about how Persian, Indian, Greek and Japanese women shine through life with a glossy mane of hair? Here we uncover tips and tricks to add to your daily routine.


Jamaica: Cactus oil

When you think of the Caribbean, you probably visualise beautiful white beaches, crystal clear water, palm trees, and… dry hair. We’ve all been there, we go to a hot destination and spend time in the sun and on the beach only for our hair to become dry and dehydrated. The sweltering sun is one of the largest obstacles to maintaining great, frizz-free hair. Fortunately, Jamaicans have a long-standing tradition of using cactus oil to keep their hair glossy and hydrated. Cactus oil offers an array of hair benefits including added softness, smoothness, and shine. In the same way a cactus plant must trap and retain moisture in the driest of conditions, so too can cactus oil can help hair remain hydrated and healthy. Extra bonus: the cactus oil’s omega fatty acids and vitamin B5 are also key to hair growth. Win-win!


Austrailia: UV protection

Most people only think of skin protection when it comes to harsh UV rays, but the sun can also have a negative impact on your hair. Under the sun keratin, a natural protein, is stripped from your strands, and the sun can also cause changes to your hair colour, zapping the vibrancy - fast. Daily hair care products with UV protection are always top sellers in Sydney salons. And, do you like your beach waves, but does the salty seawater make it impossible to comb your strands? Again: sun protection is the magic word since vital hair sunscreens simultaneously help control frizz and tangles. Avoid hot styling tools, by using your fingers to twist or curl your hair and scrunch. Hello, beach babe.


Discover these little-known hair routines from around the world

Take a nice, long, hot… Indonesian creambath

Nothing feels better than a fragrant, hot, bath after a long day. But did you know that you can treat your hair to a bath as well? A creambath, to be exact. In Indonesia, a creambath is one of the most beloved hair treatments for lustrous and shiny hair. The traditional hair creambath dates back thousands of centuries and has been passed down through generations, but is still very popular today. The term creambath refers to a hair treatment that includes hair cream application, hair steaming and light massage on the scalp, neck and shoulders. This little-known secret has its roots in the Indian technique of massaging hair with oil or Champi. In Indonesia it’s called jamu and consists of all-natural ingredients, such as roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruit. The relaxing and indulgent creambath softens hair texture, making it more manageable and protecting hair from the negative effects of chemicals used for hair styling.

Japan: Camellia oil

For years, women in Asia have been putting camellia oil in their hair after they wash it as a leave-in conditioner from mid-lengths to ends. The best camellia oil comes from one of the islands of Japan called Oshima island. There the women who traditionally harvest the oil are famous for their hair that grows down to their feet and also for their glowing skin, having incorporated the oil into their own routines.


Another hair secret from Japan is the boxwood comb. In Japanese tradition, a bride would receive a set of boxwood combs, usually customised, carved and decorated by hand. This styling tool is not just reserved for brides, however, as many women use it as part of their styling routines (everything from a simple side part to elaborate updo’s), or to simply detangle their hair. The short-tooth comb reduces static, while softly separating strands and promoting shine.


Ethiopia: Butter

Fun fact: Ethiopia has more than 80 tribes and they all have their own hair and skin secrets. All this diversity in one country means a ton of hair treatments and tips to learn from. Women will use what is available locally such as red clay, ghee, coconut and even raw butter to style, dye, and treat their hair. The use of raw butter is interesting as it offers lots of benefits. Is your hair in need of a deeply nourishing mask? Then massage the raw butter into your scalp until it melts and leave it overnight once or twice a week. This hydrates the scalp and hair and can even be used to moisturise the skin. Not sure about using butter on your hair? Then why not nourish your strands with our Colour Protecting Hair Mask? With white tea and sunflower seed oil, it will not only revive and deeply nourish your hair but it will strengthen and protect your strands too. It also prevents colour fade from UV rays and free radical damage.


Greece: Mediterranean diet

Adopting a delicious diet, filled with fresh and yummy ingredients for healthy hair? This sounds almost too good to be true, but its commonplace in Greece. This Mediterranean diet is packed with highly nutritious ingredients such as whole grains, lean fish, nuts, olives, and hydrating oils – ingredients that make your skin and hair shine from the inside-out.


In addition, the Greek goddesses had another secret weapon: Mastic. It is a resin from the mastic tree, found on the Greek island of Chios. Sometimes referred to as Arabic or Yemen Gum, it is used in Greece to wash hair or as a hair mask. It helps promote hair growth, hydration, and shine, especially for women who live in warmer climates. In short: everything you are looking for!


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