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Try this delicious, creamy, vegan banana ice cream

Treat yourself to this yummy banana ice cream. Rich, creamy and vegan, this recipe isn’t just delicious it’s kind to nature since it doesn’t use dairy and reduces food waste, as it puts your overripe bananas to good use. The most important thing in this recipe is that you do use overripe bananas, as this creates the tell-tale creaminess we know and love about regular ice cream. They must be really shrunk and black on the outside. When you think “Hmm… I should throw those away…”, then the bananas are perfect for this recipe.



Recipe for 2 people
Preparation time: 5 minutes + overnight



  • 3 Overripe bananas
  • 2 tbs Peanut butter
  • ¼ tbs Cardamom powder



  • Chocolate chips


Try this delicious, creamy, vegan banana ice cream





  • Peel the bananas, then slice them into pieces of ½ cm.
  • Put them in the freezer overnight.
  • Next day, when the banana pieces are frozen, put them in a blender. Add the peanut butter and cardamon.
  • Look out, it’s going to be noisy.
  • Blitz until totally smooth and creamy like ice cream.
  • If necessary, add a dash of oatmeal, to make it extra smooth.


Eat the banana ice cream straight away, and don’t forget to top it up with chocolate chips!

Try this delicious, creamy, vegan banana ice cream


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Renaud Goigoux

Renaud Goigoux

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