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Workplace Wellness: How to stay healthy during your 9-5

You experience it every day, but it’s possible that you don’t often think about it: wellness at work. It’s not just about practicing good posture at your desk and eating the fruit your office provides – it’s about the whole environment around you. Did you know that in some countries there are actual guidelines regarding the amount of light allowed in an office space? 


It’s all about light

Just like too much (or even too little) daylight can cause your eyes to become overtired, too much artificial light also isn’t great for you. Maybe you’ve noticed that your eyes feel pinched while looking at your screen or that your head starts hurting after a number of hours at the office. These common complaints might actually be clues that the light in your office space is not what it should be. If you’re suffering from fluorescent light exhaustion, try switching out the lightbulbs and adjusting the settings on your computer. If you wear contacts or glasses, consider investing in special glasses that filter out the harmful glare from screens.


Dry air, damp air

Have you thought about your office air quality? Dry air is bad for your eyes, while overly humid air doesn’t exactly promote good health either. If you factor in the temperature, this can have a huge impact. According to a study conducted by the University of Twente, higher temperatures cause more dust in the air, which can lead to more skin and eye irritations.  


Smell good, work better

But that’s not all. The scent of the air can also influence how you feel at work. You’re probably already familiar with aromatherapy, where conditions are treated with the help of certain fragrances.  It can also have positive effects in the workplace: a specific scent has the power to make you feel better in your own skin and also at your desk. Who doesn’t want that?   


A green office

And now about the quality of air: take a good look around—or better yet—take a stroll through your office. How many plants can you count? Plants are essential to purifying the air of any space. We’re used to decorating with them at home, but some offices can definitely stand to go greener.


Want to read more about the positive influence plants can have indoors? Click here.


Shift how you sit

Of course, it’s also about the way you sit at work. There’s all kinds of standards and tips, but it’s very important that you’re sitting comfortably. The best advice is to shift the way you sit a few times per day, to avoid muscle pain, stiff limbs—or even worse—a “work injury.” Want to ensure that your body is in a relaxed state once you’re done with work? Watch our exclusive video featuring the ideal after work yoga routine.


Less coffee, more tea

It is probably the most obvious tip there is, but even when you’re sitting still the entire day, it’s still important to drink enough. A cup of coffee with a lot of sugar and milk is tempting, but it’s not exactly hydrating. Instead, choose tea or water at the office. These two alternatives also have fewer calories, meaning you just might be able to skip that intense, after office hours workout now and again.


Don’t forget mini-breaks

We’re not talking about a trip to the cafeteria for a snack, but little moments to step away from your desk. Running a few quick errands or taking a simple walk, for example. As long as you’re outside and breathing in some fresh air, you’ll be healthier and more alert at work.


Close your eyes

Meditating can also work wonders in the workplace, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Close your eyes, breathe in deeply and then exhale. You’ll notice a lightness overtaking your whole body. Need help? Check out the many meditation exercises we’ve designed for you.


Do you have the impression that you’re not physically comfortable at work? Or are you just curious if you can improve upon how you feel? Try one of these tips and you’ll be sitting pretty for sure.