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A talk with fashion & beauty photographer: Anushka Menon

I consider myself an artist, and as a child I always knew I would grow up to be one. I was always more musically inclined, but also very visually inspired. Photography happened by accident.

After studying Art, Design & Communication in Australia, Anushka decided to focus entirely on photography and moved to India to complete a two-year photography programme. "My career started in 2005. I began shooting portraits and products, and eventually moved to fashion and beauty. In the last few years I've gotten more into advertising."

Her portfolio has expanded rapidly and she now has almost everything to offer; from beauty & fashion, to people, places, spaces and products. After shooting for Rituals, we decided to ask her all about her own routines and philosophies.


What was your most fulfilling project, and why?

There have been a few, but my favourite would be a fashion shoot I did for a brand called Kundalini Arts. This shoot reached global appreciation and many people know me from this particular shoot. It was a small project, done in my basement studio, and everyone who was involved came to lend their talents for the love of art and wanting to create beautiful imagery.


Can you tell us something about your collaboration with Rituals?

I was extremely honoured to be working with Rituals. I love the brand and their visual content, and found our aesthetics to be the same. It was such an easy collaboration and a very fun experience. Not to mention I absolutely love the products!


A talk with fashion & beauty photographer: Anushka Menon
Anushka X Rituals behind the scenes.

Do you feel you’ve found the right balance between work and life?

Sometimes it feels like I have, and then things change, turning my world upside down. It’s a constant struggle to find the right balance. It comes and goes, but I have to admit that I like that. It keeps me on my toes, and makes me work hard and play harder.


Do you have any specific philosophies on life?

I don't believe things come easy to everyone. Some people are lucky, and some people have to work ready hard. I firmly believe you must keep pushing yourself till your very last breath.


What is your favourite daily routine and why?

I have two! A good yoga workout and taking a nice long shower. Yoga wakes up my body, makes me feel grounded and disciplined, and also gives me energy for the rest of the day. After that, I love taking a nice long shower and pampering myself with yummy products.

After a busy week, I relax by:

Drinking a nice glass of wine and a movie.