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Holi routines for awesome teens

For today’s teenagers, juggling school, sports, jobs, friends, hobbies and social media is often super stressful. Help them to rediscover relaxation, with fun routines inspired by The Ritual of Holi – special joy-filled products, created just for them. Because we believe that life is meant to be fun, not serious! 


The magic of meditation

A meditation routine can be a wonderful tool for life. Mindfulness helps young people to connect with themselves on a deeper level and gain more insight into their own thoughts, emotions and actions. By focusing on the moment, teens can learn to put their minds at rest, improve their sleep and concentration, and reduce anxiety.


Embrace inner beauty

Teens are surrounded by images of ‘flawless’ beauty. Positive affirmations can help them avoid comparing themselves to these – try writing ‘You Look Awesome!’ on their mirror where they can see it and repeat it every day. Help them to realize that being real is more beautiful than being perfect, and that what is truly precious is their own uniqueness – inside and out. You are Holi awesome just the way you are!


Be the best you

Great personal care and grooming routines help teens to feel more confident in their own skin and put some quality ‘me-time’ into their busy schedules. Help them get into great skincare habits early, and they and their skin will thank you both now and in the future. The Ritual of Holi products create moments of fun that make bathroom routines truly relaxing interludes in their day.


Keep your friends close

In this age of social media, it’s still real-life interactions that bring us the most joy. Organizing a surprise facemask party for teens, for example, adds laughter to life and creates a nurturing space for real-world relationships to blossom.


Giving is good for you

It feels good to give – researchers call it ‘the helper’s high’. Whether we give a small surprise gift, a kind word, or just our time and attention, the effect is the same. Teach teens that giving back starts with themselves: Only when we fill ourselves with love and approval can we truly give more happiness to the world.