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CEO Raymond Cloosterman on happiness & how to find it

Ask any person what they want most out of life and their answer will most likely be, to be happy. But what is happiness precisely? Thousands of books have been written on the subject and countless studies have tried to unravel the magic formula on how to give rise to happiness. Apparently, happiness is hard to find. Moreover, it doesn’t last forever either. Lives change, circumstances alter and joy fades. Until the next happy moment arrives. 


Scientists have discovered that happiness is closely related to some very straightforward things, and material wealth isn’t on the list. What is it then, that makes some people genuinely happy and has others in an eternal pursuit of its bliss? Happy people share a few surprising qualities: they don’t take anything for granted and are grateful for what they already have. They live in the now, don’t dwell on the past and they are not obsessed about the future. In fact, they make the most of every moment. They approach life with humour, see opportunities instead of problems and accept that life isn’t always easy but that challenges can help you grow. Happy people find pleasure and fulfilment in sharing, giving and connecting with others. But my absolute favourite on the list is that happy people appreciate the little things. Which is precisely what ignited my passion to start Rituals Cosmetics in the first place, 19 years ago.


Looking at myself, what brings me true joy? Indeed, it’s often the little things. Running in the pouring rain. Making my bed in the morning. A freshly mowed lawn with immaculate stripes or biking to the bakery on the weekend to pick up fresh bread. I have also realized that it is not achieving big goals that makes me happiest. It is the journey that leads up to it. It is the chase of the dream and the experiences along the way - both good and bad - that I get to share with family and loved ones. Because happiness is most satisfying when shared. And as Aristotle said: “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” So, happiness isn’t out there, it’s in you. Go give it wings and set it free.


Raymond Cloosterman

Founder & CEO Rituals Cosmetics