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The rise of sound therapy and how it can improve your wellbeing

Sound healing is one of the hottest wellbeing trends right now, credited with countless benefits from reducing anxiety to improving sleep. Here’s why you should tune in



Across the globe from LA to London, more and more people are reaping the benefits of ‘sound healing’. From group sound bath sessions, where a therapist uses ancient instruments such as Tibetan bowls, gongs and rainmakers, to digital playlists said to quickly calm a stressed out brain, the wellness crowd are increasingly tuning in to the fact that it’s not just what you do with your body (hello, yoga), or feed it (green smoothie, check), but what stimulates it that can impact your wellbeing. And no wonder – increasing amounts of research claim that ‘sound healing’ benefits everything from anxiety, to sleep and even physical pain. Oprah called sound baths “wonderful, calming, relaxing,” while audio giants Bose recently launched earplugs that link to sleep-promoting tracks via an app.  


“Whether you’re receiving sound healing in a live session or digitally, you will feel the benefits from it,” says Farzana Ali, also known as The Sound Therapist. For some, sound healing can be life altering. “I’ve seen clients who have completely overhauled their lives after building up a regular practice,” says Farzana. “Helping them to address self-limiting beliefs, and learn to manage their daily lives with less stress. I had one client who looked like a new person after just four weeks. Her body language changed, she started sleeping better, her entire attitude to life was transformed.” 


How is sound a healer?

Sound occurs when an object vibrates and transmits energy through the air reaching our ear drums that then vibrates. From here, a signal is sent to the brain that recognises it as sound. Because our bodies are made up of 75% water and water is a brilliant conductor for sound vibration, sounds can help relax our muscles and boost lymphatic flow leading to lower stress levels and improved sleep. No wonder those chilled Ibiza mixes make us feel so Zen.