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Don’t feel like exercising? With this fun Pilates sequence you'll be grateful you did

With the festivities in full swing, it can be hard to dedicate time to working out at this time of year. That’s why we created this fun and simple, energising, Pilates sequence that you can do at home


Get those endorphins flowing with this 45-minute Pilates class. It’s so fun, we guarantee you will keep coming back to it. The simple sequence encourages you to take your mind away from those never-ending to-do lists and persistent holiday distractions, to embrace the present and lean into mindfully moving your body.  


With each stretch, we ask you to set an intention, reminding yourself of your gratitude for your body, to relieve anxious thoughts, and to ignite a feeling of peace and calm. While holding poses to strengthen your core and improve stability, you will feel immediate stress reduction and balance between your body, mind and soul. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your mat and combat the winter blues today with our energy-boosting Pilates class.  


Tommie Janssens

Tommie Janssens

Tommie has long been fascinated by the power of movement. During a successful dance career and training as a Pilates teacher, Tommie wanted to share the tools he had acquired over his career with others. With a strong focus on breathwork, body awareness and mindfulness techniques, Tommie’s goal has evolved to help his students remain as present as possible whilst learning the physical act of Pilates. 


Tommie teaches Pilates in Amsterdam at Movements Yoga, when he’s not teaching you will find him in the dance studio.