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5 essential grooming tips every man can use

When the English talk about grooming, they’re talking about more than just running a razor over your stubble. Here are the five best tips to care for your body and, in turn, increase your confidence.


Wash your face

It’s pretty crazy—we wash our entire body under the shower, but we never give any special attention to our face. But before you start lathering up with the same soap, take this advice: use a separate one for your face. That handsome head of yours actually has different needs than the rest of your body, so look for something like a face wash or cleanser.


Keep them kissable

Yes, this is indeed about your lips. Because believe us, lip balm and other lip care products are really not just for women. It is completely allowed to keep a stick in your pocket to apply to your (dry) lips. Especially in winter. Trust us, it does wonders.


Care for your hair

Just like caring for you lips, the use of the right hair care products is not just reserved for women. You can also use a conditioner every now and then to keep your hair in top form. Notice that your hair is on the dry side? Look for products that are alcohol-free.



You can take this positively or negatively—it’s up to you. Just as long as you never, we mean never, leave the house without deodorant. It doesn’t matter if you’re running out the door with breakfast in hand or sitting in public transport for three hours: you always need to apply some antiperspirant underneath your arms. Also important: discover the scent that suits you best, because not everybody reacts the same way to the same fragrance. This is also true of cologne, by the way.


Check, check. Double check.

Before you leave, take a quick look in the mirror. If you want to have the best day possible, it helps if your hair isn’t sticking straight up in places or if it appears that you missed half of your face while shaving. Or maybe even worse: if your clothes completely clash with one another. Prevention is better than a cure, right?