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Self-care is just a home spa away

No time to make an appointment for a spa day? We hear you, and we have a simple solution that will relax you and help you live more soulfully. Turn your bathroom into a home spa with luxury products designed to create a moment of peace in your daily life.



1. It recreates the moment when we felt safest

A 2002 study from the University of Wolverhampton proved that a bath at end of the day has an indisputable effect on psychological well-being. The combination of being in a horizontal position and surrounded by water mimics the feeling of being in the womb.


2. It’s good for preventing and helping to alleviate skin conditions

Doctors often prescribe baths in combination with medicine for people struggling with disorders like eczema. For otherwise healthy skin, soaking in a bath helps to remove dead skin cells that can clog pores or even cause potential infections.


3. It improves circulation

When we’re submerged in warm water, ours hearts have to work a bit harder and more efficiently. This stimulates blood flow, which is always good for our bodies. 


4. It lowers stress

A big reason most of us feel so relieved after emerging from a nice, long bath is because it naturally lowers our cortisol levels. Cortisol is the so-called “stress hormone,” so when there’s less in our system, we feel more at ease.


5. It helps you battle the common cold

While we can’t get rid of this annoyance completely, the steam produced in a warm bath can lessen the icky symptoms you have when you catch a cold. It frees up your nasal passages and reduces inflammation.


How to start a self-care routine at home today

Now that you have plenty of reasons why you should be practicing this self-care routine, Rituals is here to help show you how. The Ritual of Hammam collection is inspired by one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world and allows you to enjoy the warmth of your own personal wellness ceremony at home, whenever it’s most convenient for you. All of the products in the collection are enriched with ingredients used centuries ago in the original Turkish hammam: revitalising and energising rosemary and eucalyptus. Check out the 5 steps to ultimate purification with The Ritual of Hammam here


Of all the home routines one can include in their daily life, self-care is arguably the most important. And when it can be achieved by taking a few extra moments in your home spa, there’s no excuse not to do it. So, take a deep breath and submerge yourself in a healing bath today.