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Short beauty routines for the shortest month of the year

Short beauty routines can still be super effective. During the shortest month of the year, when the dark mornings and nights make everything feel that bit tougher, go easy on yourself by multi-tasking and condensing your beauty regimen. 


We’ve rounded up seven quick and easy time-saving skincare tips that will free up more moments in the day for you to sleep, see friends, read, meditate or whatever else makes you feel at your happiest when you’re navigating the year’s gloomiest month.


1. Fake a Glow 

In the summer our tanned skin means we often don’t need to spend quite so long applying makeup because we have a natural glow. In winter, fake it! Once or twice a week exfoliate your skin with the Skin Brightening Face Exfoliator, and then apply a layer of Self Tanning Face Cream. If this twice-weekly tan session seems too much effort, add a little fake tan to your day cream. Do this every day until you reach your desired tan and then just apply every two to three days after that.


2. Moisturise in the Shower

Treat yourself to a nourishing shower oil and you will step out of the shower every morning with clean, scented and soft skin. The Ritual of Happy Buddha Shower Oil, contains notes of sweet orange that really do boost your mood and energy levels, ideal on dark and gloomy February mornings.


3. Keep Your Cleanser by Your Bed

Whether you skip makeup removal at night because you’re just that tired (it’s okay, we’re only human) or you hit snooze multiple times in the morning, why not do your skincare from the comfort of your bed? Keep The Ritual of Namaste Micellar Water and cotton pads on your bedside table to remove makeup and cleanse your skin (keep going until the pads aren’t removing anything) and then follow with your usual serum and moisturiser. It’s the cosiest way to multi-task.


4. Get Mixing

If you find multiple skincare products a bit of a chore to layer, get mixing! Add a few drops of face serum into a blob of moisturiser, mix in your hands and then apply to your skin, giving your complexion a little massage to boost circulation and help the products sink in. If your skin is extra dry, you can look to mix a couple of drops of face oil like The Ritual of Namaste Anti-Aging Face Oil into your moisturiser too.


5. Multi-Tasking Masking

If you feel like you simply don’t have time to luxuriate in a face mask whilst taking a nap or soaking in the tub, you can still fit one in. Face masks offer an intense shot of welcome hydration and skin nourishment, so at this time of year when it’s cold and dark it’s worth factoring one in. Get up, give your skin a quick cleanse and then apply your face mask. Go about your morning: eat breakfast, have your coffee, choose your outfit for the day, whatever you need to do. Then jump in the shower and rinse it off.


6. Conjure Up Extra Glow

In winter, our makeup doesn’t always sit well on our skin if it’s a little dehydrated or dry. If your complexion looks a little lacklustre and your makeup isn’t behaving as you’d like, try mixing a couple of drops of oil into your favourite liquid foundation. You’ll find that it should glide and blend better on the skin and you’ll have an enviable radiance to your complexion.


7. Get Fit Hair

Headed to the gym or a yoga session? Before you go, wet your hair so it’s damp, apply The Hair Temple Intense Nutrition Hair Mask and then pull it back into a topknot. If you’re doing a hot yoga session or hitting it hard in the gym, the heat from your body will help the hair mask penetrate your strands. Simply shower afterwards to rinse away the mask and your hair will look and feel super soft and shiny.