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Boost your well-being by staying balanced this autumn

The leaves are falling, the air is crisper and you’re not feeling 100% comfortable in your skin. Don’t worry—this is completely normal. Deborah explains why staying balanced during the changing of the seasons is key to your well-being.

How balance affects your well-being

“If we keep everything in balance, we are in harmony with ourselves and are at peace.” This wisdom, penned by Native American leader Frank Fools Crow, gets to the heart of why we are happiest when we feel balanced. Too much of one thing or not enough of another can feel overwhelming and knock us off our game.

Think of it this way: you love chocolate cake. If you were to eat it every day, however, you’d eventually get sick of it and experience some health problems as well. But give it up completely and you’d feel deprived and sorry for yourself. The best solution? Eat the cake every once in a while. Balance it out with some veggies and exercise, and you’ll enjoy it so much more. Life is like that chocolate cake: maintain balance and you’ll improve your well-being.

Why rebalancing during autumn is important

When our environments change, we feel it internally. This is also true when it comes to the changing of the seasons. In autumn, we find ourselves with less daylight and chillier weather, both of which can disrupt our circadian rhythm—the internal clock that regulates our sleep. You will notice that your energy levels can dip with autumn because the summer is over and with it goes your strong dose of vitamin D from the sun. It can also affect your immune system, which is why it’s important to keep your digestive system balanced with healthy, seasonal foods. Because the colder weather makes us spend more time indoors, it’s also a good idea to make sure your home is as relaxing and peaceful as possible. For more practical tips on maintaining balance in autumn, check out this article.

The power of yoga to restore and maintain balance

“A harmony of opposites,” is how Deborah describes the concept of balance in this talk. She recommends addressing this by doing a yoga practice that is different from what you’re naturally drawn to. Deborah recommends a gentler yoga session for driven, type A personalities and a more energising and vigorous class for those of you that take life at a much slower pace. In yoga, as in life, achieving a good balance is key when it comes to wellness.