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Expecting a baby? Try these prenatal yoga & meditation routines

Expectant mothers have a lot on their mind. Preparing for the arrival of a little one when your energy levels are low is a challenge, and thinking about the delivery can cause a considerable amount of stress. It’s in the best interest of both baby and mom that you’re as relaxed as possible—before and during labour—which is why Deborah has designed a yoga session and a meditation exercise that’s ideal during pregnancy.


Prenatal yoga and its physical and psychological benefits

Yoga is an excellent way to connect deeply to the wisdom of your body, and doing this is particularly important during pregnancy. Deborah takes you through a prenatal practice that emphasises breath: something that is crucial during delivery. This session creates a space for any emotions that may come up during this exciting time. The use of props such as a meditation cushion is recommended, to provide extra support where needed.



Prenatal meditation for emotional well-being

Moms-to-be might need to meditate even more than the average person, given how much their bodies are changing and all of the unknowns they are facing when it comes to the arrival of their little one. Deborah designed a practice with this in mind that serves a two-fold purpose. First, she invites you to welcome any emotions, anxiety and fears that might be present, as these are completely normal and addressing them through meditation can truly help you deal with them. Secondly, this guided meditation will help you develop a sense of inner strength, which will serve you well through labour and the following weeks of caring for your infant.