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The 5 happiest podcasts to take with you on holiday

It’s no secret that going on vacation makes us happy. But, let’s face it: getting everything organised beforehand and travel-related hassles can sometimes be a bit of a bummer. No worries—we have the perfect happiness antidote to pre-vacation blues: podcasts! This list of fun, informative and sometimes downright hilarious podcasts will ensure that you arrive at your vacation spot relaxed and ready to enjoy your time off to the fullest.


Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Of course, this one is at the top of our list—if you loved Gretchen Rubin’s international bestseller The Happiness Project, her podcast will be music to your ears. Containing advice on everything from time management to how to stop worrying, she spars with sister, TV writer and self-described skeptic Elizabeth Craft about day-to-day ways to—you guessed it—simply be happier.


10% Happier with Dan Harris

Imagine being in a room with people as interesting and diverse as Dalai Lama and RuPaul and just talking about life. Thanks to ABC news anchorman and meditation enthusiast Dan Harris’ podcast, this surreal scenario isn’t so far-fetched anymore. The American TV personality interviews smart and successful people who are on the path to greater enlightenment and happiness. Tune in and you can be, too. 


Earn Your Happy with Lori

Author and self-love guru Lori Harder believes that happiness is something you need to work at. As she says on her website, “we scorch old stories and replace them with heart-soaked routines, sweaty commitment, and intense gratitude.” But since you’re on vacation, why not take it easy and just listen to her podcast, which is filled with inspiring interviews and profound messages of personal growth.


Good Life Project

Creator of the Good Life Project, Jonathon Fields is serious about being happy and living your best life. In addition to his book of the same name, this podcast offers solid, practical advice about how to deal with some of life’s biggest challenges. “Steering away from a lot of the pop-psychology proverbs that make you feel good for a hot minute but don’t lead to lasting change,” as he says on his website, his podcast strives to make a real difference in your life.


Stuff You Should Know

The aforementioned podcasts all offer plenty of tips and tricks to happiness, but this last one simply makes you laugh. Charles Bryant and Josh Clark host this podcast series covering topics ranging everywhere from economics to movies to why being a Sherpa is a textbook example of “warm, friendly living.” Sometimes irreverent and always funny, Chuck and Josh give their unique take on modern life, all to make you smile. We suggest you give it a listen and try to ignore your fellow passengers’ stares when you start having a giggle fit.

So, there you have it: 5 of the happiest podcasts to bring with you on holiday. Once you’re done with those, check out some more podcasts that will change your life.