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Yoga for a Tired Neck and Shoulders

With this yoga flow for tired shoulders, sitting at your desk doesn't have to be a pain in the neck. Vacation season is over and most of us are heading back to the office on a frequent basis. Being surrounded with other walls than your home office can be a very refreshing experience. But sitting all day long and working at a desk is a common cause of back, shoulder and neck pain. If your adjusted office chair doesn’t do the trick, and you keep feeling creaky, achy and stiff by the end of the workday, we’ve got you covered. Our yoga teacher Renée Leeuw created this beautiful flow to relax your neck and shoulders.


Shoulder and neck pain usually results from injury to the soft tissues in the upper region of the body. This 24-minute flow is physically intense enough to keep you moving, but gentle enough to prevent further strain. Join me on the mat and let’s do some neck rolls, seated forward bends, extended child’s poses, sphinx poses and cat cows together. Some of the postures also stimulate and strengthen the abdominal organs, open the chest, and help you achieve slow and deep breaths. Overall, this flow that I designed is a wonderful way to correct rounded shoulders and generally release neck and shoulder tension. Extra bonus: it also stretches the hamstrings, calves, and hips. Let’s end this working day in a relaxed state of mind and treat our neck and shoulders with some extra care.


Renée Leeuw

Renée Leeuw

During her career as Editor-in-Chief of an online interior design magazine, Renée Leeuw found her physical and mental peace in yoga. In Australia her passion for yoga and meditation intensified, after which she successfully completed her first teacher training at Santosha Yoga Institute in Bali. After several further courses, she now teaches Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra and meditation. Another thing she gets her energy from? Nature and especially the ocean, preferably on a surfboard. Curious about her lessons? In Amsterdam, she often rolls out her yoga mat at Equal Yoga, Het Gymlokaal, Yagoy and she teaches through her own platform YAY!YOGA. Also, listen here to The YAY! YOGA podcast.